14 September 2011

Back on Track... maybe?

Yesterday and today, I managed to have regular suppers.  This is quite a feat after the past week-ish where it's been a struggle to eat a regular-sized meal in an entire day.  Breakfast and lunch are a struggle, but as long as I nibble on something during the day, the doctor said she's happy that I'm getting calories, even if they aren't entire meals and as long as they aren't high-sugar.  For right now, she doesn't even really care if they're empty calories since I just need to eat.

I don't mean to be circumspect, but I really am too exhausted to write about the whole "what's wrong with me" thing right now.  I have plans for after work tomorrow, so maybe this weekend I'll get around to it.  And maybe by then, I'll be blogging about what WAS wrong!  (Nothing wrong with a little optimism, right?)

1 comment:

  1. Wish you were close enough for me to cook tempting stuff..