09 September 2011

List #26: My Favourite Desserts

1. Tiramisu
But I'm not crazy about Olive Garden's.  It makes me sad.

2.  Créme brûlée
A really nicely done créme brûlée makes me EXTREMELY happy.  The perfectly burnt top with the custard under.  Mmmmm.

3.  Red velvet cake
I can take red velvet in any form.  Lately, I've been stopping at Wawa WAY too much for a red velvet muffin for breakfast.  And then one the days I go out for lunch, I've been getting red velvet frozen yoghurt at Kiwi Yoghurt for dessert.  But I was sad yesterday when I was told that yesterday was red velvet's last day so they could make room for the seasonal flavours.  As if red velvet knows a season!

4.  Fried ice cream
I love this.  SO. MUCH.  The crunch outside against the creamy inside.  Oh yeah.

5. Soft-serve ice cream
I mean the old-fashioned soft-serve ice cream that had that gritty texture to it.  Yum.

6.  Mint chip ice cream
The best.  Period.

7.  The corner of brownies
Especially if the brownies are crunchy.  I bake my brownies until they're crunchy as all hell.  I don't like those soft brownies.  I like 'em hard and crunchy.  (Yeah, I know.  Shut up.)

1 comment:

  1. I think growing up around so many Italians - whose grandparents lived with them and were off the boat - I do not consider Olive Garden Italian. I never tried their tiramasu.

    I bought a torch so I could make my own creme brulee, hmm after we finish the red velvet cake maybe I'll make some.

    Fried ice cream is awesome!!... hmm need nitrogen freezer and better deep fryer....

    Not a fan of soft serve - but love frozen custard... with italian ice... mmm

    Rum raisin, or pistachio are my 2 favorite ice creams.

    I bought that "as seen on tv" brownie pan that makes more corners..... ( i iz an infomercial sucker...)