06 September 2011


Yesterday, I cooked a whole chicken (recipe coming Thursday) and broke it down.  I'm tentatively planning on a chicken salad, chicken noodle soup, and chicken tacos.

What are some of your favourite recipes to use up chicken?

(Let's not get started on my poor excuse for "lunch" today.  Or my poor excuse for a work outfit.  Blech.)

1 comment:

  1. Chicken quesadillas, chicken Jambalaya (ok I throw leftover meats from the whole week in my Jambalaya), chicken/roast red pepper/fresh mozz sandwich, pieces of chicken tossed with cherry tomatoes halved, sliced baby portabellas, salt, pepper, basil, olive oil - then add a bit of pastawater and pasta - I use spaghetti but rotini or penne would be good too.

    Curt likes it mixed with sliced baby portabellas in mushroom gravy on top of buttered egg noodles.