05 September 2011

Book Review: Veil of Night

 I wish this book had a different cover, because I think the book is much more fun that the cover denotes, if that makes sense.

Events planner (who more often than not ends up being a wedding planner) Jaclyn Wilde ends up having a crazy week - six weddings in five days.  On top of that, she needs to deal with the über-bridezilla Carrie Edwards (she's already fired her one of her bridesmaids after a public fight).  Carrie's wedding isn't during Hell Week, but having to deal with her isn't making the week any better.

After a horrible meeting in which Carrie slaps Jaclyn, fires her, and threatens to fire the other vendors, Carrie's body is found in Jaclyn's parking lot.  Jaclyn becomes the prime suspect, which is complicated by the fact that the detective investigating the case is someone Jaclyn hooked up with the night before the murder (don't worry - the "Really?  Is he the only detective in the city?" factor is plausibly explained in the book).  As the investigation moves forward, so does the killer, whose attention turns to Jaclyn.

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