06 June 2009

The Race That Wasn't: Part III

As promised, some of the pics of the people I met during Non-Race Day.

Here's Taz. I met him waiting for Scott Speed's autograph. He's a Junior fan. His wife is a Kyle fan. Their 14-year-old son is a Scott fan. (I like how James' trailer is in the reflection.)

Here's a Martin Truex, Jr., impersonator. I thought it was very gracious of him to decline to sign a boy's hat. After Not-Truex went into the trailer, several of us argued (in a friendly manner) about whether it was or was not Truex. We said that if it WAS, he had CLEARLY lost a lot of weight. And then Taz reminded us that the camera adds ten pounds. Then we decided it was NOT him when we sent a scout to the front of Truex's trailer where he saw of pic of Truex with Not-Truex. So, I present to you... Not Truex:

We also saw someone who likes Kyle WAAAAAAY more than I do:

During the rain delay, there was a ton of people watching to do. I present to you Dancing Cowboy. Mom and I first spotted him when he made his way to his seat whilst drinking his can o' beer. Yes, we're walking down the row to the seat, but Must. Drink. Beer. They played songs for a bit, and he and his brew had a little dance going on. Mom and I agreed that he seemed attractive... at least from the back. From the back, he reminded me of Hank Williams, Jr. Anyway, here he is:

At the end of our row and then in the seat in front of him were the two Tattoo Guys. Mom and I refer to each of them as Tattoo Guy; I guess they're interchangeable in our minds. I wasn't able to get a picture of them that showed everything. The guy with the suspenders had multiple piercings and a tattoo that spanned the entirety of his sizeable belly. I will say that these guys were extremely nice and polite. When Mom was making her way out of the seats with her bags, Tattoo Guy asked her if she needed help. When I came down the stairs and was making my way back to the seats one time (carrying at least three bags), he asked if he could help me. There were also people during the rain delay who asked to take their picture, and both Tattoo Guys were very good-natured about the whole thing. They posed for pics, they took pics, etc. I didn't realise this at the time, or I'd have gotten in line (Mom told me later). I was busy feeling clever about kinnearing everyone.

And Fred Flintstone was at the race:

And, finally... Drunk Guy. I met Drunk Guy when we came back to our seats when we THOUGHT the race was going to get started. FOOLS! I looked under my seat to find my French fries (they were in a baggie), but no fries. I was annoyed - I mean, who steals FRIES??? And Drunk Guy in a slow Southern accent. "Oh hey - I stole your fries." The guys he was with (in the row behind Drunk Guy and me) are going, "Give her her fries back, man!" I told Drunk Guy he could have the fries, and he said, "No, really? Are you sure?" I said, "Who's your favourite driver?" "Tony Stewart." And I snatched the fries back. The guys all laughed, I took a fry and ate it, then I sealed the bag back up, and told the guy he could have them. He said, "No - they're yours. Well played. But can I defend my choice?"

I gave him the raised eyebrow look. He explained that when he started following NASCAR, he was told he needed a favourite driver. He didn't know who to choose, but said that his favourite colour is orange and his favourite number is 20. So he was told to pick Tony as his favourite. In the end, I let him have the fries. But, for posterity's sake, I got a pic of what his friends did to his back. Note to self: never let drunk people draw on me with a Sharpie.

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  1. good gravy, if those photos are not directly out of any one of my 3 nephews birthday parties over the last 16 years.... gotta love a redneck party.

    also, i think "never let drunk friends draw on drunk me with Sharpie" is pretty much the best life rule ever.