29 June 2009

Open Letter

Joe Jackson:

Fuck off and die. Seriously.

I hated you before for making his life hellacious. I now hate your even more (which I didn't think possible) for making a mockery of his death.

1. How dare you chide and chastise the world for not acknowledging your son and his impact? He is THE GREATEST SELLING MUSICAL ARTIST OF ALL TIME. He has sold over 100 million albums.

2. How dare you start hawking your new venture on the red carpet of a show that was seriously changed and retuned in THREE DAYS to honour your recently deceased son?

3. How dare you answer a reporter's question about how your family is doing with "great - I'm doing pretty well" a fucking THREE DAYS after your son has died?

4. How dare you respond to a reporter commenting on how difficult to last few days must have been for your family with, "AND?"

5. How dare you use this platform to issue a statement about how you and Mrs. Jackson have "sole authority" over Michael's children?

I hate you. You are a shame and a disgrace to the Jackson family. I can only hope that God has special plans for you when you die. Until then, you need to hope you and I never cross paths. Hell hath no fury like a Michael Jackson fan scorned.


PS. Michael - screw you for dying and giving him this opportunity to exploit you. Okay, yeah - so I've reached the anger stage in my grieving. I'll take this sentiment back in a few days. I promise.

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