15 June 2009

In which I throw myself a pity party

(Teal deer alert!)

Yeah, that's right. A pity party for one. Well, actually, you can join in if you'd like. Just bring something to knit or spin. Or eat. Preferably something cheesy (for eating, not for knitting or spinning).

Today at work didn't start out great. (Actually, those of you who are on the Chase forum on Rav can skip this part as I'm too lazy to type it all out again.)

(Note: Names were coded to protect the absent, the innocent, and teh studip)…

Me: Who is going to do blah blah for Co-worker #1?
CW2: I will
CW3: Wha..?
Me: Okay.

I then hand CW2 the stuff for CW1 and CW2.
I hand CW3 the stuff for CW3.

An hour later…
CW3: What units does CW1 have?
CW2: Here’s the chart, but why?
CW3: Well, I was going to do her MDRO stuf.
Me: …
CW2: Oh. I’ve been doing it. It’s taken care of.
CW3: Oh, so you got this (confidential information) patient?
CW2: Where was that?
CW3: Here. See? EDAD.
CW2: Uh - that’s not (confidential information); that’s “Emergency Admit.” That’s your unit.
Me: …
CW3: Oh, uh-huh, yeah. Okay.

About a month ago, my boss and I made the decision to password protect some of the data and graphs that I am responsible for compiling, analysing, and interpreting every month. I campaigned for this because CW3 consistently goes into said graphs and changes things around. This stuff goes out to bigwigs over MY name. So I get very testy about people changing things around, especially when said things are reported to the CDC and PA DOH.

Well, about an hour after the above exchange, I discovered that CW3 decided to play around in some OTHER graphs that I put together every month. So now I'm going to have to spend time locking 18 more graphs because some people suck at life.

For exactly TWO WEEKS now, I've been asking for something we'll call DDs. Each unit is supposed to turn their DDs into my department every month. DDs are something that are counted each day. So if the units are doing this properly, they should be able to turn in their sheet of DDs on the first of the month. Until last month, the DDs went to our administrative assistant, who has since been laid off. So now the DDs have become my responsibility.

About a week ago, I started getting antsy about the DDs. I had about half of them, with no sign of the others. I NEED the DDs because they go into a document that I am responsible for turning in on the first Monday after the first two full weeks of the month (in other words, for June it was due TODAY). By the time I left the office on Friday, we were waiting for DDs from two more units - one was promised by 8:00 a.m. today (the person who had then was on vacation, but had been contacted and SWORE she'd get them to us as soon as she walked in the building today - she did). The other one (we'll call him K) said he had the DDs in his hand and would fax them right away.

Today rolled around. By noon, still no sign of DDs from K. To make a long story short, at 3:15 p.m., he finally said that "[his] clerk lost them." So now the data for his unit, all of the units like his, and the hospital will be fucked for this month, this quarter, and this fiscal year.

Then I go to the chiropracter for a follow-up visit from last week. This is a chiropracter I used to see a long time ago, but stopped when I started back to school and my health insurance there didn't cover him. However, last week, my hips started acting up again, so I went to see him. Basically, my sacroiliac joint is angry. This is the joint that moves when women give birth. It's at the back of the pelvic bowl and there's just to the side of the spine on each side. So I'm in pain whether I'm lying down, sitting up, or walking.

The chiro asked me how I was doing, and I told him that I hurt. A lot. He put heat on my back, then tried to adjust me. He adjusted one hip, then he asked me to roll over so he could do the other one. As has happened several times in the past week, I couldn't do it. I got to my back and was in too much pain to keep going. So he rolled me over and stretched my hip rather than adjusting it. In the end, he decided to ice me down for awhile. Then he scheduled me to come back tomorrow for some massage therapy before seeing him again. He told me to make sure I used plenty of ice tonight.

So on the way home, I picked up some water ice. That's what he meant, right??? (For you non-locals, water ice is sort of like a sno-cone, but much smoother in texture and a more intense flavour.)

(Side note: For those of you worried he's making me come back just to get my money - this is a doc who refuses to take your entire co-pay if your co-pay is over $15. And who rolls the massage therapy visit and chiro visit into one bill so you only pay one co-pay even if you see both of them.)

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