29 June 2009

A break from the MJ

Okay, time for a non-MJ, non-grief-stricken, non-angry post.

What fits those categories? KNITTING! or something related - SPINNING!

To be honest, I haven't touched my spindles in quite awhile. I've been wanting to get back to it, especially now that it's warm out and there are only a few projects I can bear to work on in the heat. And the upcoming Tour de Fleece on Ravelry inspired me to get back to it (proud member of Team Hoar).

So, until TdF starts, I'm in training. Whilst at the laundromat this evening, I started spinning again.

Check it out! Here's a pic of my spindle (purchased at Rhinebeck) with some of my drafted roving (Romney). And here's a pic of my pre-plied yarn. Yay!

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