18 June 2009

Le Sigh

Some of you know that 3.5 years ago, I got really sick. I was constantly tired. I couldn't walk anywhere. I couldn't speak. I passed out if I laughed too hard. My hair stopped growing. My periods stopped. I couldn't brush my hair without a break. I gained over 25 pounds in just over three months. My resting heartrate was sometimes around 130. My voice was raspy.

Then I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Basically, I was hypothyroid. For those of you who don't know a lot about the thyroid, the thyroid is like the thermostat of the body. And my thermostat decided it didn't need to tell my body to regulate itself. I was started on thyroid hormone replacement, and (as my endocrinologist predicted) it took me about 1.5 years to feel completely normal again.

Since I dropped my calc class, I've been exhausted. Not exactly how I expected to feel; I kind of thought I'd have MORE energy, be MORE rested, etc. I've noticed in the past few days that if I talk for more than about ten minutes, my voice gets kind of raspy. I've gained over four pounds in the past two weeks.

So I called the M.D. in my department at work and asked him to write a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) order for me. He brought it to a meeting we had this af, and I went to the lab after the meeting. My blood was drawn and I'm waiting for the results now.

On one hand, if my thyroid is acting up again, that's a good result. It's the devil I know, and going back to taking Synthroid every day won't be a huge burden (considering how many other pills I pop every day anyway). But it'll be a bummer that things are acting up again since it will take awhile for things to get back to normal. OTOH, if it's NOT my thyroid, that will suck because it will mean it's something ELSE. Something NEW.

So I guess I'm rooting for my thyroid acting up. Yay.

Lab results should be in tonight or tomorrow.


  1. it's rough when we're rooting for an evil thyroid, but understandable

  2. huh. i didn't know you were also hypo. i was diagnosed with Hashimoto some 20 years ago now, but mine's a real bitch to regulate... but, you've reminded me to get my lab work done again (i used to go every 4-6 weeks for blood, now it's more like ever 8-12 weeks - i still hate getting pricked, though).