03 May 2010

Heroes for My Son: Hero #1

So, I blogged about Brad Meltzer a couple of weeks ago. Had I realised that I would be doing it again so soon... well, let's not kid ourselves, I'd still have done it.

This time, it's because I signed up to be a member of Brad's Invisible Army. Oooh, aaaah, intrigue.

And my first mission is to help spread the word about his book "Heroes for My Son." (Btw, in typical Brad style, there was a fan vote on the book title. I lost. Again. Second book title vote in a row that I've lost. I even campaigned that since I lost last time, my vote should count double this time, but... well... yeah. Fortunately, another Brad fan pointed out that this is nothing a Sharpie won't fix as the losing title was "50 Heroes for My Son.")

So, make with the clicky and view this video about one of the many heroes included in the book Brad wrote for his son. It's Brad's first non-fiction endeavour, but it's one he's been working on for awhile. He even took hero suggestions and nominees from the fans.

Warning: have some tissues ready before you click.

Oh, and go buy Brad's book. And if you're in the Philly area, he'll be at Chester County Books this Monday, 10 May 2010 at 6:30 p.m. doing a reading/signing. I'll see you there.

If you aren't in the Philly area, here's his tour schedule. He usually does a more extensive tour, but as he Twittered the other day, "To all those upset about the book tour schedule: I'm also bummed that Chicago, LA, Boston and some of my other favorite cities got scratched from the tour, but I feel like I can't do a book called Heroes For My Son, then take off and leave my kids for a month. Can't wait to see everyone else."

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