05 May 2010

Just another day in the city

I had my therapy appointment today. Not many people know (in fact, I think a grand total of one person knows because I told Ella today), but I'm back down to weekly therapy appointments because I'm dealing with some Stuff. Although I'm generally pretty open about my Stuff (y'all know I've talk about my rape/incest, my bisexuality, my various activist issues and why they're important to me), but this one is tricky only because I'M still sorting it out. So trying to explain it would be muddled, plus... well, to be honest, I'm not sure how much support I would receive or from whom, which means I've been playing this one really close to the vest.

So after therapy these days, I tend to take it easy. So, today I ran a couple of errands (shopped for a case for my new BlackBerry Curve 8350), went to the post office to mail a package (an untangle job for someone on the Knot a Problem board on Ravelry), and stopped in at a shop I've never been in but have ALWAYS admired their window displays.

It's called "Open House" and it's on 13th Street between Walnut and Chestnut Streets in Centre City. First, I was amazed by the size of the place when I walked in! I had no idea from the outside that the place was so big! They had some ADORABLE onesies (organic onesies, whatever that means), but they were too expensive for my tastes. But I was really tempted by the "Poops! I did it again!" one and the "My Dad is a Geek" one (ahem, you know who you are). Some of their stuff was kind of pricey, but some of it was quite reasonable. I was especially attracted to a set of dishes that's fashioned to look EXACTLY like paper plates and plastic cups; it was uncanny.

I got a notepad of "Worduko" puzzles - like Sudoku, but with letters instead of numbers. And I got a little gift for Cristi, who I will see again when I'm Charlotte later this month. When I stepped into the store, I actually thought, "AHA! THIS is where I will find the perfect gift for her!" After making two passes through the store (one has to just to take everything in!), I finally asked one of the worker bees for assistance. I described my criteria, and she immediately walked over, picked IT up, showed IT to me, and I exclaimed, "PERFECT! I'll take it!"

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  1. ooooh I can't wait to see what IT is! You're so sweet!