14 May 2010

General Update

Got calls from two doctors yesterday: Oscar and Felix's doctor, and my hip doctor.

My hip doctor said that he had "the best doctor in this field in the country" read my MRI (the head of musculoskeletal medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital), and it ends up that I have a labral tear in my hip. This means that I have a tear in a cartilage of the part of the hip that holds my hip in the socket. He said this accounts for all of my pain and the loss of range of motion. His plan of action is physical therapy. If that doesn't work, then steroid injections. If that doesn't work, "we'll discuss it further at that time."

Oscar and Felix's doctor called after that. She asked how things were going, and I said, "Well... they're interesting." She laughed, and said, "I don't know if I like that answer. (pause) Do I?" I told her that I'd put Feliway in the bedroom (since the directions had said to put it in the room where the troublemaker spends the most time). But on Day One, he had NEVER left the room. Except to eat and drink. Other than that, Ocs and I NEVER saw him. Which, on one hand, means we weren't being attacked, but on the other hand, it kind of isn't the point that we become two separate households.

Day Two saw Felix venturing out a bit more, but when he was in the living room with Ocs and me, he did try to nip me when I touched his leg. So, that was awesome. But, of course, being the highly-skilled (ha ha) epidemiologist that I am, I know that a two-day observation is not really conclusive of anything. So, we'll see. Dr. Kurpel assured me that she is still more than willing to put him on kitty Prozac, especially since Fe has always been highly anxious and skittish, even before this aggression started.

As for Oscar, he's on the high end of normal, so we're adjusting his meds again, and I'm continuing to monitor his symptoms at home. Watch his stools, his rate of puking, his energy level, his socialisation, etc.

My next week will be spent packing (I leave on Thursday, but my Mom and Dale are leaving on Sunday since they are driving to North Carolina - they had planned on stopping by Nashville, but are now coming up with Plan B), cleaning house (I LOVE coming home to a clean house), and generally making sure everything is in order for being away for two weeks (bills are paid, etc.).

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  1. I clean like a maniac before I go away. I despise coming home to anything else.