25 May 2010

More Shop-ping

The plan today was to hit Joe Gibbs Racing, Roush Fenway Racing, Mary Jo's Fabric store, a Charlotte LYS, and a Secret Mission. Well, four outta five ain't bad.

Since we spent nearly two hours at JGR, and Mom's GPS idea of routing us from JGR to Mary Jo's was to do that via taking us RIGHT BY our motel room ("Anyone need anything from the room?" Mom quipped as we drove by), then Mom's GPS decided to swing us in yet another huge circle as we went on the Secret Mission. Then nearly two hours at Mary Jo's. After that, we realised we wouldn't have time for Roush, so we headed to the LYS... only to find out that it was closed (apparently it's closing for good next week and is only open the latter half of the week. So we then headed to another LYS (which is really the LYS I wanted to go to anyway and was outvoted by my mom... who was, after all, the one driving).

When you drive into Joe Gibbs, there's a sign that directs visitors straight ahead. The problem is that once you enter the driveway, you can either turn left and right; you can't go straight... unless you want to drive over their flower garden. I told Mom, "No wonder Kyle and Denny run into each other if this is as good as the Gibbs spotters are. Maybe I've been blaming Joey for being a bad driver when I should blame Gibbs for having crappy spotters." I couldn't resist; I HAD to take a picture of that.

As soon as you walk in, there's one Kyle car, one Denny car, and one Joey car. There are display cases with memorabilia of various JGR members, including Tony and Joe Gibbs himself. You then go through a hallway to a lookout over the shop. Behind the lookout area is another display case. These cases are more of a past-to-the-present glimpse of JGR. Please check out my pics from today for the highlights (well, highlights considering my drivers and who I had in mind when I was snapping the pics). Also, today the pics are actually edited and captioned!!! Bonus!

Then Mom and I went HOG WILD in the gift shop. As I mentioned in my Twitters today (btw, for anyone who doesn't know, I'm letos_refuge on Twitter; come on over), I like Kyle and Denny, and Mom likes Joey and Denny, so yeah... it took awhile. Also, they not only had a clearance rack, but a clearance TABLE. Oooh, aaaah.... And while we were in the gift shop, who should walk in but our Stalker from yesterday! We talked to her and found out that her name is Kathy and that she would be going on to other shops that we were not hitting, and vice versa. So, sadly, it seems that she would not be stalking us anymore.

Anyway, tomorrow: Roush Fenway (attempt two), Petty Motorsports, and back to RaceWorld for Mikey's event.

Thursday is back to the track for practice and quals. Friday is... well, you know by know what Friday is. Saturday is the NNS race. Sunday is the Coca-Cola 600.

I fly back to Philly on Wednesday. I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly.

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