07 February 2010

Ten Things I've Learned Recently

  1. If you're in a car singing along to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and doing the requisite dance moves and the people in the car next to you see you, they may point and laugh.
  2. They may also then join in.
  3. Because Michael Jackson is universal.
  4. If you are a dedicated race fan and you think hard enough, you will figure out that crawling out of your second story window and stretching out onto your roof to clear the snow and ice from your satellite dish will restore the signal so you can see the ARCA race.
  5. You should NOT tell your mother that you did this.
  6. A fun way to pass a snowy morning is to score neighbours on their ability (or inability) to clean their snow-covered car and shovel their car out. Ideally, have Ria as a judge to help score; she's very fair at this.
  7. When needing to girl talk, it's good to have four people with slightly different perspectives and styles to give advice.
  8. It's also good to have friends who understand that disagreeing with them doesn't mean you haven't listened to them.
  9. Maple syrup can be substituted for vanilla extract.
  10. Grass will blow your hood up.


  1. Uh. Grass blows up your hood? Please to be explaining this.

  2. That grass will blow up your hood every. damn. time. Just ask Kurt Busch!

  3. Especially when you're tearing through the infield at nearly 200 mph.