19 February 2010

Happy 14th Birthday, Oscar!

About 13 years and 10 months ago, I went to pick out a kitten from a co-worker's sister's litter. That night, I brought a tiny all-black kitten home to two very suspicious dogs - Max and Nicky (who have been since gone over the Rainbow Bridge).

It took us a few days before we hit on a name that was Just Right, but Oscar it was. Somehow, throughout the years, I started calling him Ocsar Boxer, which sometimes gets shortened to Ocsar, and mostly gets shortened to Ocs.

When Ocs was two we almost had to amputate one of his legs, but thanks to nearly daily visits with a dedicated veterinarian in Missouri, we were able to save his leg. He had gotten his leg wedged between a chain link fence and a wooden privacy fence and was found hanging upside-down by his leg. To this day if he's walking on a non-carpeted surface, you can hear him coming because it sounds like he's walking on a peg leg; the leg he got caught "clicks" when he moves it.

Oscar has also flown on an airplane (as carry-on - no cargo for this baby!). And he made the transition from being an indoor/outdoor Missouri cat to an indoor Philadelphia cat. But in his heyday, boy could he hunt! Rabbits and birds and squirrels and anything else he could get from the park across the street.

The Ocs and I would like to thank everyone who has given us so much support and love over the past week while he was recovering. We appreciate it very much, especially since there were moments when we weren't sure that we'd make it to today. Hugs to you all, especially to your pets who sent licks, skritches, cuddles, etc.


  1. Happy birthday, Ocs. I hope you're feeling much better.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR!! Here's to salmon cakes on your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ocs! Hope you feel much better!!