15 February 2010

The Oscar Update

Ocs' doctor called today and said that his blood work shows that he has hyperthyroidism. Way to go, buddy, for following in mommy's footsteps. You couldn't have just decided to be a Raider's fan? Or like Scott Speed? No? Okay, then. So, two pills a day for the little buddy, at least for now.

But, in the meantime: He still has the diarhhea, and I'm very sorry to report that he is still not quite making it to the litter box every time (no, really, you don't know how sorry I am to say that to you). And the vet was extremely alarmed today to hear that nearly 48 hours after I started a 5.5-ounce can of wet cat food, Oscar still has yet to make his way through the entire can. So she had me try a different try kind of food. We had been trying Hill's Prescription Diet i/d, and now we're trying then e/n. Each can costs nearly $2/can so I'm hoping we hit on a winning combination quickly. Not to sound crass, but the unemployed don't have money to burn, especially when Saturday's vet trip used a good chunk of the savings account.

But it's not all bad news: This morning Ocs went and voluntarily drank some water for the first time in over 60 hours! AND he kept it down! I didn't let him have very much for fear he'd overdo it and then bring it up just because he would have too much, but I'm happy he finally showed interest in water at all. But since then, when I've offered him water, he's not been interested. I have been adding small amounts of water to his wet food to sneak him extra water (thanks, Brook!), though. And I've been forcing (God, I sound like a horrible shrew) small medicine droppers-full of sugar water down him every so often.

So: still with the diarhhea, still slightly dehydrated, not getting enough food, but showing a slight interest in water once. And a diagnosis of hyperthyroid.

And just to remind you of the handsome fellow we're talking about:

Also, Felix was doing a really good job of leaving Ocs alone until today. But this morning, Fe ran up to Ocs and swiped at him. I thought maybe Fe was trying to play with him so I just separated them and reminded Fe that Ocs didn't feel good and left Ocs under the bed by himself. But just awhile ago, Fe ran up to Ocs and batted at him again and hissed. I don't know what to do; ideas?


  1. Perhaps Ocs smells differently?

  2. Awww. Poor little buddy. Hopefully he will be back to his old self soon.