08 February 2010

Snow Shovelling Scorecard

As I mentioned in my last post, much of yesterday's entertainment came in the form of watching people attempt to clean off their car and shovel out of their parking space. I would relay the play-by-play to Ria, who would then assess (or take away) points based on technique, creativity, use (or not) of equipment, etc.

Mind, it wasn't our intention to set out to play this all day, but it all kicked off when I watched The Most Epic Fail EVER in digging out and reported the efforts to Ria. She then scored said efforts, and the game was born.

Here, I present to you, the final results for your entertainment. Alternately, so you, like my mom can roll your eyes and wonder just how bored Ria and I were yesterday (or, as Mom said, "Ria must have been REALLY bored since she didn't actually get to SEE any of this.").

The Asshat:
  • -5: no shovel
  • -10: use of tire iron in lieu of shovel
  • -5: use of too little kitty litter (one handful in front of each tire)
  • -5: not backing car up even though there was ample room
  • -10: not clearing snow from top of car
  • Total Score: -35
Cafeteria Boy
  • +5: Shovelling snow (unlike Asshat)
  • -3: Tech (not clearing snow from top of car or hood)
  • +2: Creativity (use of something that looked suspiciously like cafeteria tray to shovel snow)
  • +2: Tech (going back to clear snow from top of car and hood)
  • Total Score: +6
Nice Neighbours
  • -3: Loaning shovel to Caf Boy (thus taking away entertainment value from Ria and me)
  • +15: Taking Asshat's parking spot (they didn't leave, just cleaning car pre-emptively)
  • -5: Clearing other parking spot out of goodness of their heart (again, robbing us of entertainment)
  • Total score: +7
Not Asshat
  • +5: Amusing irony (for taking spot Nice Neighbour's cleared away and not being Asshat)
  • Total Score: +5
The Couple
  • -10: Lack of chivalry (the guy swept snow from car while woman shovelled)
  • -5: Letting guy make her do all the shovelling
  • +5: Thoroughly cleaning car off
  • -3: Shovelling technique (piled all snow on plow pile then shoved snow onto street)
  • Total Score: -13
  • +5: Starting car as soon as he started cleaning
  • -3: Turning car off too early
  • -5: Improper use of equipment (using hands to clear snow from windshield/hood)
  • -5: Improper use of equipment (using ice scraper to clear snow from hood, even though he had a broom)
  • +5: Completely clearing snow from all surfaces of car
  • +3: Sound shovelling technique
  • Total Score: 0
Night Crawlers
  • +5: Clearing parking spot out
  • -2: Waiting so late (11:30 p.m.)
  • -5: Pointlessness (moved car down the block and across the street)
  • Total Score: -2

WINNERS: Nice Neighbours
LOSER: Asshat


  1. Sorry! I had that on the scorecard, I just can't watch tv and type at the same time, apparently! Fixed it!

  2. OMG that is freaking awesome! I love the people who fail to clear off their taillights, so you have no idea if they are braking or turning.

  3. That's fantastic! (This is DreamHope from LJ, using my work blog.)