22 August 2009

What a fun-filled Friday!

First thing's first. While Cristi's entries were most thorough (she submitted both positive and negative entries), and her negative entry was most gut-busting, Kirsten's entry has won. Congrats, Kirsten! The Boy has been renamed Dorkboy.

Friday was a short workday for me. I'd worked long days throughout the week so I could leave early on Friday.

But let me back up a bit. A few weeks ago, Margaret and I had talked about getting together to catch up. Since she lives out in West Chester, it's not often that we get to spend actual face time together, and there was a neat pocket of time between when she got back from her vacation in California and when school starts back up for me. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, Brook had talked about me borrowing her spinning wheel from her while she was out of town for her sister's wedding/vacation (she's leaving for a vacation in Colorado straight from the wedding, which is in VA). So I decided to combine the two trips.

So after work yesterday, I got home, met Margaret, picked up the rental car, and we set out for Brook's house. Margaret got to meet the entire family while Brook demonstrated the wheel to me, which I picked up far quicker than I anticipated. NOT, mind you, that I'm any expert at it after just a few minutes of demo, but I definitely understand "wheel theory." Or at least I did last night when I left. In about an hour we'll see what stuck over night. Oh, btw, I always brag about how smart Alex is, but even I was thunderstruck when the child (who will be five in about three weeks) read the word "turquoise" to me last night.

I then introduced Margaret to the wonder that is The Container Store. Then quick stops at Target and PetSmart, before a wonderful, amazing, relaxing supper at Bahama Breeze. Margaret started with a tortilla soup, while I had the tomato flatbread. Then, she had a Jamaician chicken entree, while I had the coconut shrimp entree that Kirsten can tell you I've been craving since the middle of March!!! For dessert, we shared a perfect slice of Key Lime Pie.

To bring things full circle, Dorkboy is most likely a thing of the past. He was online all evening Wednesday and all day Thursday and never contacted me. My original plan was to let him make the first move after he cancelled on Wednesday. But after thinking about it, I decided that if the shoe was on the other foot, I might be hesitant to contact him not sure of what kind of reception I might get. So just to let him know that I wasn't mad at him, no hard feelings, etc., I IMed him and asked him how his sister was doing. He said she was doing well. After a few minutes, he asked me how my day was doing. I said it was okay and asked what he was up to. After a few minutes, he said he was paying bills. I IMed him and said it seemed like he was busy, so I'd talk to him later. No response since then. So I'm done.

In the meantime, this other guy contacted me Thursday evening. He originally got ahold of me MONTHS ago and then disappeared, reappeared a few weeks ago, disappeared, then reappeared again Thursday. We made small talk, during which he asked if I was currently dating anyone. I ignored that question because it's none of his business at this point in our non-relationship. Later, he asked if I'd be willing to meet him next week. I thought, "Sure, why not." We hadn't talked a lot online, but hell. Meet in person sooner, waste less time online with the wrong person. lol But then he wanted me to travel out to Conshohocken to meet him; he lives out in King of Prussia. (For you out-of-towners - King of Prussia is about a 35-minute drive from Philly, but I don't have a car. So taking a train to Conshohocken is a decent compromise.) Well, I wasn't that excited about the prospect about being off my home turf for a first meeting, but I felt like I was being a diva if I "demanded" that he travel to meet me for a first meting. OTOH, taking the train out meant quality knitting/reading time. So we settled on a day, and I asked him to send me an email with where he wanted to meet, what time, etc. Then asked me to email him a pic of me. Um, no. First, there's a pic of me on the online dating site through which he met me. I get that you want to know what I look like; that's why I've posted a pic. And, yes, it's recent. So with the combined asking if I'm dating, wanting me to travel halfway to him, and wanting a second pic of me, he's now history, too.

Two guys by the wayside in two days. Go me.

OTOH, I borrowed a wheel, spent quality time with Margaret, ate coconut shrimp and key lime pie, and Alex still loves me. I win.


  1. And yeah, I read all that, and I took away "Container Store". Go figure. :)