28 August 2009

Dating Update

I'm not sure how or why, but suddenly there's been an uptick in my dating life.

Here's the recap:

Dorkboy: After cancelling what was to be our first meeting, we had a brief conversation in which I felt blown off. Later, he claimed that he did no such thing. He contacted me a few days ago to let me know that since the school term was starting up again, he'd be in the city much more. I just made small-talk comments about school and didn't mention anything about meeting. He cancelled the last meeting, he's got to reschedule.

Not Dorkboy: After I told him that he was coming off as very pushy and it was off-putting, he went away. But then he came back earlier this week. He apparently is still interested in meeting me, and wasn't put off by my demand that he come to the city to meet me.

As Yet to be Named Boy (AYNB): We've only chatted once online. It was a nice conversation, and I thought it might lead somewhere, but I haven't heard from him since. He's from Kansas, and is currently studying statistics at a nearby university.

Boy #4: We were supposed to go on a date Sunday. But it's been moved to tomorrow. This is a set-up via my friend Margaret. B#4 lives across the street from her and her fiance, and he works with the fiance. We get along well in email, but I'm very nervous about whether that will translate to getting along well irl. In my experience, it generally doesn't. I seem to have made a very favourable impression on him, and I'm terrified that the reality will disappoint him.

Work Guy: Nothing. I think it's just a fun, harmless flirtation. But it's funny because OTHER people at work will stop him to point out to him when I'm coming around and he hasn't yet noticed.

And that's your round-up.

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  1. I think Boy #4 should be renamed Puppet Master. =P