27 August 2009

My 100th Post

Well, I was hoping for something a little more exciting, but here we go...

Several people have been encouraging me to try applying for Fall 2010 admission. The thought process is basically this: If MY idea is that waiting a year helps me save money, in that year, I'll be living like a poor grad student while aggressively saving money to prepare for being a poor grad student. So why not actually just BE a poor grad student.

The schools I'm looking at require the same thing: three letters of recommendation; transcripts from every school I've ever attended, ever walked by, ever thought about, ever Googled, ever talked about, etc,; a personal statement/letter of interest; GRE score from the last five years (thank God I took it in 2006). And now the ASPH (Assoc. of Schools of Public Health) now has SOPHAS (Schools of Public Hlth Application System), which makes things easier. You feed everything to them one time, tell them where you want to apply, and they distribute. Less hassle, less expensive (paying for transcripts ONCE vs a floppity jillion times - golden!) = awesome.

So. Have any of you ever lived in, know anything about living in, know anyone who has ever lived in: Birmingham, Boston, Pittsburgh, or Seattle?


  1. Ask Knitterboy76 about Birmingham. Ask DPUTiger about Pittsburgh. There's umpteen million knitters in Boston, and my sisters are in Seattle. I love Seattle. It's beautiful, if a little pricey to live in. But it's doable, and a great city.

  2. Renee lived in Boston. Loved it until 9/11.

  3. my friend's son just moved to Boston 2 years ago, about 2 miles from BC's campus. They love it up there. They take Public transportation all the time 'cause parking is a pain . We were up last fall and it was fun - we weren't there for any snow storms though - I hear those are rough. There's lot's of places with great food and a lot going on at any given time.

    Seattle is one of those cities I want to visit some day. I know a few people outside of the city. It's got a big knitting community and lots of LYS's - don't know if they can compete with LOOP. And mostly I want to go there for coffee.

    I personally did not like either time I was in Pittsburgh. But that could be me and /or exactly where I was at the time.

    Birmingham - way to f'ing hot for me!

    Good luck!