10 November 2011

Winter Recipe Ideas, Part II

I'm still looking for recipe ideas for winter weather, particularly things that can be made on Sunday and then kept all week for work lunches.  I know some of you (you know who you are!) are excellent cooks and have some excellent resources at your disposal.  Please share!


Your still-on-a-budget friend appreciates it!


  1. Senegalese mafe. You can make it in a crock pot, it is uber healthy and delicious. I have a few variations on my blog (just search for mafe or click on the recipe tag thingy)

  2. Chili? Squash-and-bean soup (either puréed or not)? Stew? I'm partial to a lentil or split-pea soup with enough veg to make it a full meal, seasoned like dal.

    For vegetarian soups/stews, I'd see if the library has a copy of Moosewood Daily Special, which is an entire cookbook focused on soups and salads.