07 April 2010


Lately, I've been reconnecting with some friends I haven't been able to spend time with in a long time, and it's been really nice.

Last week, Jess and I started up our IHOP dates again. Mmmm, there's just something about the combination of girl talk over a batch of supper pancakes that can't be beat.

On Saturday, Ella invited me spend the day at a dog park in Delaware with her and some of her friends. While I didn't get to spend much one-on-one time with her at the park, I got some sun, I got to meet a few new chill people, and I got to spend some great car time with Ella on the way down there and back. Plus, watching random dogs doing dog things is always fun. The best was when a guy threw a tennis ball in the middle of the pond and the dog would swim about five feet into the pond and turn around as if to say, "Yeah... that's too far. Sari." But he finally went and got it after about the sixth or seventh false start.

And on Monday, I went into the city a bit early before my therapy appointment and had lunch with Anjeanette. She was kind enough to treat me to lunch at her work caf, and I got to meet one of her coworkers (but not the coirker). She also gave me a small sauce pot, which is REALLY exciting, since the only small sauce pot I currently have is handle-less; the handle fell off of it... oh, about ten years ago. But I couldn't bear to throw it away because it's such a cute, handy, small size. But now I have a great small sauce pot WITH a handle AND a lid!

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