26 April 2010

My Camden Adventure

Friday morning, I found out that Brook had given birth (and in the interest of not rehashing THAT drama, I'll just leave it at that). After I talked to Brook, we decided that I'd go to hospital to see her and Jamie on Saturday. I reserved a car for the evening (the only time I could), looked up directions (which were easy - the interstate to the state route, a right turn, and boom!), and set out.

Well, I made it to the state route, but I never found my right turn. When I turned around (I'm currently GPS-less - half of my GPS is in Missouri with my mom; don't ask), things were going well until the road forked and I ended up back on the interstate to Philly instead of on the state route to Camden (which is where said hospital is). Since I had no interest in paying the toll to go back to Philly only to have to turn around to come back to NJ, I chose a random exit (knowing Camden geography VAGUELY from having dated a Camden-ite years ago) and hoped for the best. After going through the heart of Camden (for non-locals, this is NOT a city you want to be going through at all, let alone at dusk, especially when lost), I finally run into the state route I wanted, and just chose to go right (cause, you know, it's RIGHT!). And I ran into a landmark that I knew was wrong. But at least I knew I needed to turn around and NOT take the wrong direction on the fork this time.

But this time, when I went to turn around, I ended up at a stop light at the jug-handle (this may make sense only to people who have travelled in NJ), and I got the attention of the woman next to me. I asked her if she knew how to get to XYZ Hospital. She said, "Yeah, it's a bit of a detour, but just follow me! We'll got down ABC street. C'mon - light's green. Let's go!" Um. Okay!

Here's the thing about assumptions. See, when she said, "It's a bit of a detour," I thought she meant, she'd be going out of her a way a bit to show me how to get there. But instead, here's what actually happened: She starts driving me through all of the back roads and residential neighbourhoods. And I start thinking "Oh my God, I am SO going to be on the news. And when they find my body, my mom is going to wonder why the hell her daughter was in this neighbourhood in the heart of Camden." But she was actually dropping off her resumé at a woman's house, and THEN taking me to hospital. And she didn't just bring me back to the turn-off for hospital - she actually drove me directly to the front door! I offered to take her card or email address so I could contact her later so I could thank her, but she wouldn't hear of it. So, I sent up several prayers last night thanking God for sending this Good Samaritan my way.

(Btw, it took me 85 minutes to get there. Going home? Eighteen minutes flat.)

But, every freaking minute was worth it. Because I got my very good friend Brook (who I could not be prouder of), Joe (who was trying to tell me as a fall back they could nickname the baby after a Survivor contestant from this season), new big brother Alex, and the newest addition to the family, Jamie. And, despite my reluctance, Brook even talked me into holding the wee lad.

And, just for good measure, here's a pic of Alex, doing his best Two-Face impersonation while holding a light sabre (don't rush out and get your eyes checked; it's invisible).


  1. Awww! Congratulations Brook!

  2. Jamie is sooo precious! And Alex is always such a trip ---- but why did Brook have to talk you into holding the baby??

  3. omg, the light switch is just perfectly placed, it almost looks photoshopped in.


    and dude. you did not tell me you went through camden-camden. that's just scary.