14 January 2010

Today, I am 35

And I got an unexpected gift: Orin actually called me. And I'm really all kinds of conflicted about it. On one hand, I'm really happy about, but on the other hand, I feel like I shouldn't be all "OMG!!! My father happened to remember to call me on my birthday this year!!!! Unlike the past three years!!!! Woweee!" It makes me sad that this is what our relationship has come to.

Neither of us mentioned that we didn't speak to each other on Christmas. Or the argument we had two days before Christmas that led to us not speaking to each other on Christmas. Frankly, I'm shocked as all get out that he called today. And I hate that it makes me wonder what he's up to.

BUT. On to other things. Someone asked me today how I'm celebrating my birthday. So here we go.

Tonight was very chill. Cleaning house in preparation for tomorrow (more on that tomorrow). I got to talk to my sister Laura for a couple of hours. She gave me some much needed dating advice, and we got to make fun of some morons (a favourite past-time of ours). I got to talk to my friend Rachel for almost an hour (while I staked out various corners of Trader Joe's and she saved me from having a breakdown in the middle of said store).

Tomorrow, some of my friends and I will have supper together, followed by hanging out at my place for dessert. This may include knitting, chatting, game playing, etc... who knows. This is also dependent on my ability to continue cleaning and clearing out spaces for people to sit. Oops.

On Sunday, I am taking a knitting class at my favourite LYS, Loop, Alternative Knitting Styles, with my friend Margaret. I will learn how to knit Continental and Portuguese! Margaret already knows how to knit Continental, so she help me fumble through that, but we will both be learning Portuguese knitting together. Then we will be lunching in the city together.

And, that, my friends, is how I am celebrating my birthday. With my friends, with my yarn, and with my LYS.

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