05 January 2010

Blizzard in Missouri!

So I escaped a major snowfall in Philadelphia, only to fly into a blizzard in Missouri, the first since the early 1980s. I knew that the KCMO area was expecting snow, but I had no idea it was a major snow storm!

The airlines were still trying to catch up from cancelled flights from our snow storm, so they were offering $500 flight vouchers for anyone willing to "be flexible with their travel arrangements." I called Mom to ask her if I was such a person because we're planning a trip in May which will require me to fly again. She said that ordinarily she would jump at the chance, but since KC was expecting a HUGE snow storm the next day and they had JUST shut down Chicago, I was to get my butt on that plane immediately. As luck would have it, I was among the last of the flights to arrive at MCI before the blizzard hit.

This is what our front yard/driveway looked like, and this is what Mom looks like when she's preparing to go shovel snow. Mind, the snow pics are a bit deceiving because we live at an intersection at the top of a hill. Since it was so windy, most of the snow drifted down the hill, away from us. But, trust me when I tell you that Mom and I still spent a LOT of time shovelling... two days in a row.