05 October 2011

General Update

Last night, I had a wicked nightmare.  My therapist and I discussed things today, and we decided to try Ativan for awhile.

I've been working on knitting more.  The project I'm working on now is on a deadline, which helps.

My acid reflux is worse than usual.  I've gone through half a bottle of Mylanta in the past few days.

I have a headache that won't quit.

I'm loving the fall television season.  There are several new shows I like, but (as per usual) two of them are already getting low ratings and EW is predicting they won't be on the air much longer.

Felix has taken to trying to sleep on my head at night.  No, not on my pillow or by my head, but actually ON. MY. HEAD.  There have been a few nights I've nearly locked him out of the bedroom.  Fighting with a cat so I can sleep probably isn't conducive to that whole "general malaise and fatigue" thing I've got going on.

Work - it's work.  I'd probably be enjoying it more if it wasn't for everything else going on in my life.


  1. 7 days and then you get to hang out with me???

    Does that help???

    At Rhinebeck??? That should help more!!

  2. OOohhh think of me at Rhinebeck! I've always wanted to go.

    In the meantime, (((hugs))) and I hope a solution for you is found soon!

    Oscar's Basil kitty sleeps on his head sometimes. We tried shutting her out of the room but she pounds on the door like a punching bag with her paws. (boom badda boom badda boom badda....)

  3. *hugs*

    What shows are you watching??

  4. Anti-anxiety meds really helped me out a lot. I was taking them mostly for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but for me they were a great help in toning down the anxiety enough for me to focus on making things better instead of just gibbering helplessly -- basically it helped me keep the anxiety to a low enough level that it didn't get me locked up.
    I was able to stop taking 'em back in January with no issues.
    Let me know if you have any questions about my experiences.