21 October 2011

List #32: Things I Miss About Being Unemployed

1.  Sleeping in; not having to set an alarm clock

2.  Being able to go to doctor's appointments anytime during the day
Although my job has flex-time and is pretty good about letting you leave early/stay late to make up time if you have appointments, it was great to be able to just call the doctor and accept whatever first available appointment they gave.

3.  Being able to do household chores when I wanted to
There are three students in my building (six of us in my building total), so it isn't as if we're all competing for precious evening/weekend spots for the one washer/dryer that are in the basement, but most of us tend to do our laundry in the evenings/weekends anyway, for some reason.  So when I was unemployed, I tended to aim for Monday mornings.  Now I aim for Friday night or early Saturday morning.  I keep trying to Monday evening since I figure I'll be the only one going for that time slot, but I keep forgetting.

4.  Being able to run errands at off-peak times
This actually isn't that bad since I get off work at 3:00 p.m., but it does mean that even though I get to the stores in the city before everyone else, if I'm not careful, I still end up hitting the rush-hour commute on the way home.

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  1. #4 is the best thing about getting off at 1 - especially getting my nails done at 130!