19 February 2009

Still off the wagon

I just sat through my entire 1 hour and 50 minutes pre-calc class picking at my lips. It didn't matter that the professor was looking at me. It didn't matter that I sit at the front table to the side and I know most people in the front could see me.

All that mattered was that I needed to pick. And I couldn't stop.

Oh, and bonus. How did I handle the anxiety of getting ready to make a huge presentation at a huge meeting today? Picking. Yep, in front of the Director of Residency Programmes, in front of the Director of Nursing, in front of many directors.

Go me.

1 comment:

  1. Sweetie... hang in there. You've gotten through a lot in the last year, so it may be like stress migraines... they don't hit when the stress is there but rather when it eases off a bit... I have faith that you've come so far that you can make it through this too.

    Distraction. That's how I handle my OCD. Which I have. Seriously.