20 February 2009

Dear Universe

You're really starting to piss me off now.

A friend of mine can't find a job.

My sister hasn't had job satisfaction for years, and just when she finally decides to put herself back out on the job market, you decide to put our economy in the crapper.

A friend of mine just lost her beloved four-legged baby.

Another friend of mine just had to say good-bye to a beloved four-legged baby.

You stuck me with a dumb-ass of a professor for a course I was looking forward to and could have thoroughly enjoyed.

You planned my first mid-term to fall right after Daytona, so I had to study during it instead of knit.

And depending on the day, the hour, and the source, I may or may not have a job at any given point in time. If I DO have a job, I may or may not have benefits. If I DO have benefits, they may or may not be worth having.

Universe, I would like to remind you that I asked for a better 2009 than 2008 was, for both my friends AND me. Yes, I know, so far I am personally doing better than I was this time last year. I've made it this far with no surgeries or hospital visits (as a patient, anyway). I DO have a job, for which I am grateful. Friends of mine that were without jobs two months ago now have them, also.

But, dude... you better be front-loading all the woes of 2009. 'Cause if these first two weeks are a sign of things to come... I think I'll move to Australia.

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