22 January 2009

In which I suffer for fashion

Those who know me know how riduculous that title is. And they're probably laughing their asses right now.


When I
left the house today, I had on socks that I knew were a bit too small for me. I figured they would stretch throughout the day, slapped my shoes on, and went about my day.

By the time I got to work, I noticed that my shoes were eating my socks. I get to my desk, s
lip my shoes off, and yank my socks up. I now notice that my socks are too short from toe-to-heel by about a good inch to an inch and a half. Oops.

I decide to remedy this by YANKING my socks up. I mean, it's materia
l - it'll stretch, right? Well, no, not right. What happens is that my toes get scrunched up by the toe cap being stretched to its limits.

I sit as much as possib
le today because my choices are to walk around with socks that are way too short or keep yanking the socks up making my toes uncomfortable.

Oh, and
let me take this moment to point out that I don't cut my toenails as often as I should. So one of my toes on my right foot is hurting for the nail of the neighbouring toe. So this is factoring into my decision.

I get home. I take off my shoes and socks and prepare to hop in the shower. I
look down and see that the aforementioned toenail has actually cut into the middle toe, and I had blood all over two of my toes.

Go me.

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