29 January 2009

Help Delaware (not the state)

As most of you know, my good friend Mish volunteers (and is now officially a board member) at Full Moon Farm, a sanctuary for wolfdogs.

Recently, one of the beauties was taken in for emergency surgency. I don't think Mish will mind my plagiarisation of the article.

"Dr. Beverly Hargus operated on Delaware, with Dr. Herb Justus assisting. Delaware's case was unusual, in that his stomach did not torsion (twist) like most bloat cases. His stomach was filled with so much gas that, when Dr. Hargus made the initial incision, it popped out! His internal organs were compressed by the pressure from the expanded stomach. As Dr. Hargus deflated the stomach, organ color and function returned to normal. After deflation, he was "tubed," with a tube inserted directly into his stomach. Cattle bloat medicine was passed through this tube so it could line his stomach."

The tests and surgery cost $790. Donations to the vet fund can be made:

Online at this website: http://www.fullmoonfarm.org/donations.php
By mail: Full Moon Farm; P.O. Box 1548; Black Mountain, NC 28711-1548

Any donations received in excess of his bill will be put into our Emergency Vet Fund.

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