23 June 2010

George the Blanket

Late last year, I started a secret mission. I wanted to do a baby blanket for my close friend Brook. But this was quite the challenge. Why?

Because the person I usually consult when I need pattern ideas? Brook.
The person I usually consult when I need yarn ideas to go with the pattern? Brook.
The person I usually consult when I need help with the pattern? Brook.

Aye yi yi.

So I turned to Cristi instead. I explained the situation, and within about five seconds (if that long), she sent me the link for the Serenity Blanket by Laura Wilson-Martos. I picked out a yarn with the help of Kathy and Craig at Loop, my favourite LYS. My selection was Douglas Fir by Lorna's Laces, which has become my favourite yarn - it's so soft, they make magnificent colourways, and, well, I'm a sucker for alliteration.

The pattern comes in both written out form and in charted form. I love charts, but I occasionally referred to the written instructions just to make sure I was on track. The blanket is worked from the middle out. The first several rows are worked on dpns, but if I were to do it again, I think I'd try to see if I could magic loop it because it was pretty fidgety. In fact, I remember doing it a few times before I felt good about how it looked.

There was only one point when I had to stop and ask Cristi for advice, and there was another point at which I wanted to, but I thought it was a dumb question so I was determined to figure it out for myself. It was more a point of pure stubbornness. "I've been knitting for just over four years now, dammit! I should be able to figure out a basic pattern!"

The most irritating part was my own stupidity when I forgot how to count to two and I didn't discover it until four rows later. And at that point my rows were 400+ stitches each. And since the rows involved k2togs and YOs, I really just HAD to tink back... over 1600 stitches. At the time I didn't have blocking wires (mats, yes; wires, not so much). So trying to block a perfect square without wires was... interesting, especially with Oscar and Felix "helping" me. lol

But I was really pleased with the result. Brook deemed the blanket to be George (a girl) although the baby was Jamie (a boy).


  1. Tell Brook she needs to look happier when she's holding up that beautiful work of art you made!