20 July 2009

Sick and tired, literally

Apparently, my Vitamin D levels are so drastically extremely severely low that my PCP and my endocrinologist felt the necessity to call me and let me know how dire things were. My Vitamin D is 13. Bare minimum people should be at is 32.

My doctor said that at this level she generally puts people on prescription D, but since it's mid-July she's going to try something else. She wants me to try 3000 IUs (international units) of Vit D per day (for comparison, the RDA is 400 IUs) and a minimum of ten minutes of "midday summertime sun" per day.

I spoke to the pharmacist today and he recommended getting 1000 IUs and taking them three times a day, with fatty foods. WITH FATTY FOODS! A silver lining! For those of you playing the at-home game, this now puts me at popping twelve pills a day. And that doesn't count the "as needed" meds for my allergies, asthma exacerbations, nocturnal leg cramps, etc.

The issue is that not only is vitamin deficiency generally not good, but the intersection of vitamin D deficiency and thyroid problem is particularly bad. So that's why all the arm flailing and phone calls between doctors in the past few days. Also, the severe deficiency tends to explain the ongoing achiness, fatigue, and depression despite the thyroid levels getting better. This makes me happy because it means that (1) there's a reason and (2) my most excellent doctor went looking for a reason for my continuing complaints of general malaise.

Now, for the good news:

My glucose is just barely elevated, but this should come down as I lose weight, which is expected to happen as my thyroid levels are controlled. My A1C is 5.9, which is the cutoff for the acceptable range. This gets me out of the pre-diabetes range (YES! this is a major victory, as this is why I went into Weight Watchers), and this is expected to keep going down as my thyroid is controlled. Seriously, folks, MAJOR VICTORY here.

My overall cholesterol is good, although my triglycerides were jacked, but we think that was due to the non-fasting test so no one is panicking. The HDLs were a bit low, but this should also change as the thyroid is controlled, I'm less fatigued, and can exercise more.

Also, Dr. Second Opinion called me Saturday morning. He confirmed that the ultrasound showed absolutely no pathology whatsoever. He sounded as frustrated and annoyed about this result as I am, which pleases me (which may be warped). He said that, unfortunately, we may have to wait for the next episode. If it happens when he's in his office, I'm to call him and come to his office immediately so he can examine me and figure it out post-haste. If it's after-hours or on the weekend, I'm to go to the ER (I've already decided I'm going to his ER). Although this might not sound like good news, I like that (1) he called me on the Saturday of what was supposed to begin his two-week vacation and that (2) he seems just as determined as I am to find an answer.


  1. I'm glad you're finally getting SOME answers - better than no answers, and you doctors are taking your complaints seriously. Dr second opinion seriously sounds like a keeper!

  2. Min, My mom is also dealing with low vitamin D levels. It is not fun, but I AM glad they have found a key. Hope they get this solved soon!