28 May 2009

My Life These Days

Monday and Friday: 7:00-3:30 Work
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 8:00-4:30 Work; 5:10-7:50 Calc I

Sixteen weeks worth of Calc I in six weeks.

Some school better fucking accept me. If I don't get my PhD after this hellacious term, I'ma be pissed.

Yes, I did CHOOSE to do it this way, but I have my reasons, mostly having to do with the maintenance of my sanity. I don't think I can stand to work this job three more years, so I've accelerated my pre-PhD schedule. I'll do Calc I this summer, Calc II and III next academic year, Linear Algebra next summer, and then use the following year to re-take the GRE and apply to as many schools as I can afford.

I have a good handle on which schools I'm DEFINITELY applying to, but I still need to figure out a few "safety schools." Speaking of, is there even such a thing as a safety school when it comes to PhDs???? I mean, I've already got the "I have no chance in hell, but let's give this Asian female thing a ride and see where it takes us" schools picked out, but something tells me I also need to be a bit realistic, too.

On to bed. Big midterm this Tuesday. Am still exhausted from weekend.

Promise to get back to updating re: race weekend soon.

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  1. Just kinda curious, what does one do witha phd in biostatistics?