14 May 2009

I am a Lucky Girl, Indeed

Last week on Ravelry, I was one of the co-stars of a Giant Train Wreck. This train wreck spanned three boards and five threads. One of the boards was The Mod Squad, which is for the moderators of different boards to discuss issues, brainstorm, commiserate, etc.

One of those threads turned into a discussion about candy. One post was about Aero bars, which I have never heard of. So Ria was sweet enough to send me two of them. They are GOOOOOOD. Then another post mentioned Pop Rocks Candy Bars. SOOOO GOOOOOD. A little party in my mouth. I may be addicted. Melissa was sweet enough to also include several really adorable stitch markers in her package. Thanks!!! I love them!!!!

Last week, I sent out a plea for the issue of Sports Illustrated that featured Kansas City Royal Zack Greinke (the ONLY Royal to ever be featured on the cover of SI alone - as in, not the team winning the World Series, etc.). Vicki was kind enough to send it to me. And she included an extra little surprise in there - two Aero bars (one of them a variety that Ria hadn't sent me)!!!

And I had the pleasure of my Rav mail box being flooded with PMs from people supporting me and trying to help me out.

So - in the past week, I got five candy bars, five stitch markers, and a magazine. All from knitters, two of whom I have never met, one of whom I only "met" online last week because of the Great Train Wreck. And that doesn't begin to measure the fun I've had getting to know new people and reading their blogs.

That other guy in the Great Train Wreck - what did he get? As far as I know, he got several new nicknames (none of them flattering), several Phantom Disagreers, and the distinction of being a Grade A Tool. Bravo.

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  1. Just don't drink a Coke with your Pop Rocks bar--your stomach will explode! I read about it on the Internets.