06 April 2009

More evidence that I am mean

This post will make a little more sense to those of you on Rav and or those of you who are NASCAR fans.

Sara IMed me earlier this evening (okay, about 20 minutes ago) and said, "if kasey kahne is your favorite driver, don't you think it's worth knowing how to SPELL HIS NAME?" and then sent me a link. When I clicked on the link, this is what I found (you should be able to click it to see it bigger):

That last line? "P.S. Casey Kahne rules!"

The following is the IM convo that took place between Sara and I:

me: Kile Bush is AWESOME
Sara: LMAO Dael Earnhart is better
me: You're stoopid. It's spelled ERNHEART
Sara: dammit, i fail again


  1. Clearly, she does not hang out in forums where people write such things as love (spindle cat angora glass of wine) to emphasize their appreciation.

  2. I misspelled somebody's name the other day,I forget who but since I can't even remember who it was you can see why I might not remember how to spell his name.