22 April 2009

General life update

I was going to post tonight about a few things: Sara's recent visit, getting to meet Ria, potential travel next month (friends getting married in Connecticut), and work crap.

But after getting up at 5:00 a.m. to shower (because I FORGOT to last night when I got home from my trig mid-term), then working a 10.5-hour day... I found myself almost too tired to eat supper when I got home.

So I'll leave you with these random thoughts: (1) Please fill out the questionnaire from yesterday if you haven't already done so; (2) Really? No one wants to join the Marketplace? It's actually pretty groovy - restaurant gift cards for CHEAP, discounts on electronics, and weekly bargains. According to the email we got on Monday, employees are saving an average of $102 per month using the Marketplace. This week ONLY, I have ten invitations I can give away free. You know you want to!

P.S. I love the SEPTA (that's Philly's mass transit system) guy at the 40th Street Portal today. When I got on at the City Hall transfer point, the trolley driver said she was only going to 40th Street. While I would have walked the seven blocks to my house, I wasn't looking forward to it since I was tired (see above) and the sky was getting ready to open up any minute. But I got on anyway, not wanting to wait for the next one, which would be crowded. So I rode to 40th. When we got there, the guy supervising gave our driver a "WTF?" look. She said, "I kept telling them I was only going to 40th!" He said, "I told you to not to take any riders!" She said, "I'm supposed to be off at 6:25." He said, "I'm not putting riders off. Go to 61st (the turn-around point for that route) and come back - WITHOUT RIDERS." LOVE that guy.

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  1. That was so cool that you got to ride all the way to our stop! SOmetimes those little things are the best!