09 September 2013



I am a second-generation, lifetime NASCAR fan, and I cannot tell you enough how disappointed I am in the decision to dock every MWR team 50 points, exclude Truex from The Chase, and allow Newman in while you ADMIT that you do not have conclusive evidence that Bowyer's spin was purposeful.  Even if you say that the reason for the penalties is the Vickers pit stop, that still makes no sense.

EVERY week a driver/team does something to "manipulate the outcome of a race."  What do you call it when a driver let's a teammate lead a lap to gain points?  That's actually manipulating the outcome of the SEASON, which would be a much more egregious (in your eyes) violation.  Yet it happens all the time.  When you start penalising THAT, I'll considering coming back as a fan.

When you look at the restart that Keselowski BLATANTLY jumped during Friday's Richmond NNS race and penalise THAT, I'll considering coming back as a fan.  If you want to discuss someone manipulating the outcome of a race this weekend, we should start by discussing that.  And there's incontrovertible proof of THAT rules violation.

Let me be VERY clear: I do NOT like Martin Truex, Jr.  I am by NO means a fan of Brian Vickers (in fact, I was happy when he returned to the sport -- only so I could continue booing him).  And I absolutely CANNOT stand Clint Bowyer.  And as for Ryan Newman -- I could take him or leave him.  So I am would be one of the last people to have an emotional reaction as far as the drivers in this scenario are concerned.  As far as Michael Waltrip goes, I respect his talent as a restrictor-plate racer, but he is far from my favourite.  My point is that I have no bias here.

I have been to MANY races in my lifetime.  In fact, I regularly travel to be able to go to races, which means that I spend a great deal of money on NASCAR and on being able to follow this hobby and passion.  However, tonight's decision has shown me that NASCAR has both a lack of integrity and an inconsistency in enforcing their own rules that I can not support.  And I will not spend my time, energy and (most importantly) my money doing so.

Sadly, I will go from supporting NASCAR nearly four days a week from February to November to not at all.  I will go from travelling 1500 miles to see at least two races a year to seeing none.  NASCAR is losing a great deal of revenue from one fan.

I hope the $300,000 from MWR is worth it.

A former fan

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